He's Not Going to Do It


As we all know by this point, President Trump’s slogan all throughout his entire campaign was #MakeAmericaGreatAgain. People are still chanting it, even now that he is officially in the White House. According to statistics, the hashtag has been used several million times on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

I can promise you one thing though, and I would be willing to bet my very life on it.

President Trump most assuredly will NOT make America great again.

Yep. I said it. He will not succeed at that endevour. Mark my words. He can’t. He simply cannot make American great again. It is nothing more than a marketing slogan.

Now before some of you get too excited with these statements, let me say this. The reality is that not even the President of the United States, whomever he or she may be, has that much power. Don’t disregard your intellectual mind and logic and buy into that catchy phrase.

Only the American citizens as a whole have the power to make America great. And most of us are doing a pretty bang up job right now making it a total #shitshow instead. I know, I said a bad word. Kill me. You know what? If you knew me, you’d know I hardly ever cuss. It just doesn’t usually sit right with me or align with my life, but sometimes, sometimes there just isn’t another word that fits. And that’s just about all I can think of to describe what has gone on lately. God help us all!

So maybe you’ve lost your mind and are wearing vagina hats, bashing police, or are acting like the world is coming to an end.

Or maybe you’ve lost your mind and are hoping Trump rids this country of every Muslim and Mexican and are proudly waving your Confederate flag without even a thought about the trauma that is associated with it for some.

Wake up! We've lost our minds, and it’s TIME TO FIND THEM!

There are about 1 million BETTER things you could do with your time and energy to truly help #MakeAmericaGreatAgain.

Because...surprise, surprise! It turns out that making America great has absolutely nothing to do with everyone agreeing on everything. In fact, it has everything to do with how we respond in the midst of disagreeing. Simple as that. Love your neighbor as yourself.

In case you have yet to find that mind of yours that was lost, let me offer some helpful suggestions to you. Without further ado, here are 10 ways Americans can actually work TOGETHER to #MakeAmericaGreatAgain.

10 Ways to Make America Great Again

  1. Look your children in the eyes and tell them have worth and value NO MATTER WHAT and that nothing they do or say or become will ever make them less valuable.

  2. Don’t agree with gay marriage? Find a gay couple in your town and with NO agenda, invite them over for dinner. Yes. Seriously. You will not die, and you will find things to talk about.

  3. Quit watching pornography, listening to music that sexualizes and objectifies women, and watching shows where these behaviors are considered normal and even attractive. You are funding and creating the very culture that so many of you seem to hate. Madonna & Beyonce don’t want women being objectified? Umm...hello! YOU created that very culture. Just. Stop. Participating. People!

  4. Before you unfriend every person on FB and in real life who voted for someone different than you or believes something different than you, ask yourself what that accomplishes. Now you’ve created your own false microcosm of people to pat you on the back and puff up your pride. In your attempt to shout inclusion, you’ve become the hypocrite you despise. Invite those in who disagree and can do so without hatred. Your humility will shine through, and you will reach more people for your cause than you ever thought possible.

  5. Give and receive hugs, to and from those you love. Initiate with no expectation. Just. Simply. Hug. Touch is a powerful connector. Resist the tempation to pull away when hugged by others you love. Settle into it. Give and receive.

  6. See things from someone else’s point of view. Everyone has a different reality. How might you respond or react differently if you were in the midst of someone else’s reality?

  7. Turn off the TV, take the X-Box away, and send your children outside. They will scream and there will be gnashing of teeth for 30-45 minutes, but do NOT give in. Magically, at the 45 minute mark everyone will still be alive, and they will have found something new, something they didn’t realize they didn’t have. Creativity and problem solving and good old fashion fun will abound. Excessive screen time, especially in front of junk, is one of the quickest ways to ensure that America will NOT remain great for long.

  8. Live by this rule: If you wouldn’t say it to their face, don’t say it to them online. It is appalling what people will say online when they can hide their cowardly selves behind their screens. Want to say something? Want to disagree with someone? Great! But don’t do it as a coward. Own your words. Disagree with conviction, and even firmness if necessary, but disagree with love.

  9. Give $20 to a random stranger every.single.month. Just do it. Pick someone who doesn’t look like you. In fact, pick someone who looks as different from you as possible. Take on the challenge. See how an incredibly simple gesture has a massive amount of power to make somebody’s day great.

  10. Be a Light in a world that can often seem very dark. Don’t let others or circumstances cause you to dim. Fight hard for your flame. Light is infinitely more powerful than darkness. Stand out in a way that your light shines so brightly that others are drawn to it without explanation. Draw them in and ignite them as well. Ignite a fire! THAT Light will drive out the darkness. THAT Light will make America great again.

Do you have a way that American's themselves can make America great again? I'd love to hear!

Share this post with others so we can all work together and truly make America GREAT!

Marriage Therapy: Can We Hurry This Up Already?

Raw. Vulnerable. Exposed.

Full of emotion, yet void of emotion.

Hopeful, yet doubtful.

Wanting more and wanting less.

Deeply longing for closeness. Resisting it as it comes.


Those are all things I've felt in the past few days. 

This week is my, is our, one year anniversary. The anniversary of walking into our marriage therapist's office for the first time and leaving with tear stained cheeks. Today, one year later, as I walked out again with tear stained cheeks, I have to admit, this hasn't really gone according to my plan.

8 Things Every 10 Year Old Girl Should Hear from Her Mom

  1. Run Toward Your Passions. Yes. Don’t Walk. Run toward them! Like photography? Work your tail off to save money to buy a good camera. Enjoy dancing? Show up at the studio whenever you can.

    Finding what you love and what you are good at is completely life changing. Share your passions with me. I want to cheer you on! You don’t have to be a grown up to embrace this.

  2. Your Body is Changing, and It’s BEAUTIFUL! Yep. Every single part of it. Your legs might be getting longer. You hips might widen a bit. Your breasts might begin to change shape. You are in the midst of, or about to begin, a fairly long journey of your body and emotions going through a flurry of changes.

Solidarity, the New Sisterhood of Motherhood

In the past 3 days alone I...

  •  almost had a heart attack when my 3 year old called me into the den to show me he LIT. A. MATCH.
  • found my 5 year old attempting to pop popcorn by putting kernels in a plastic grocery bag and heating them in the microwave
  • literally dragged a child out of Target
  •  explained what a French kiss was to a horrified and completely groused out tween
  • found a wall in our house that got a brand new, one-of-a-kind, custom design put on it by tiny budding artist who apparently works in secrecy and silence
  • listened to a certain nameless child scream at the top of her lungs into a pillow for almost 60 FULL MINUTES because she lost her privilege to watch a movie
  •  took a butcher knife out of the hands of someone MUCH too young to be holding it 

The Christmas That Was Missing from Your Facebook Feed

See that photo? You won’t find it pinned on any pinterest board, but it just about sums up how our Christmas went. And don’t be fooled! That little child laying on the floor next to the bow isn’t sleeping. He was just done. Completely and totally done. This was the 3rd Christmas celebration of the day and his little 3 year old self had simply had enough. Three year olds aren’t exactly gifted with eloquently communicating their feelings, unless of course you call screaming at the top of their lungs, slapping your head, and running in circles good communication. Never again will we attempt to pack 3 Christmases into 1 day. Never again. Lesson learned! Take my word for it. Spread. Them. Out. No amount of presents or “family time” or celebration is worth an epic 3 year old meltdown. No. Amount. A 3 year old is like a tiny little terrorist at times.

Welcome to My Blog

This is your official welcome to my blog! Welcome! I am so glad you are here and hope you fine joy and authenticity and just sense of realness here behind my words. I have lived far too much of my life attempting to have it all together. I have been a master, a true master, at juggling a bazillion hats with a smile on my face, and compartmentalizing the fear and pain I felt in the midst. This blog will be realness lived out. Hopefully you’ll find humor and transparency and honesty and laughter. 

5 Lies I Learned about Sex Growing Up in Church Culture

My husband Nathan and I have been in marriage counseling for the past 9 months. That’s no secret to many who know us. It was a secret for a while however, but I suppose that’s another topic for another day. The final straw that brought us into our counselor’s office was the strong lack of deep intimacy. One night Nathan looked over at me in bed and said, “We need help.” I knew in that moment that he was right. I was out of rebuttals and out of reasons to justify. We had gone round and round and round the same track for 13 years and had no idea how to get off and get onto a new one.